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Let's Talk Social Planning: FORUM

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Social Planning is about people - ensuring that, as the City grows and develops, the needs of people living and working in Richmond are effectively addressed.

Looking forward over the next 10 years, will we have enough childcare spaces?  Will there be appropriate services and resources for our older adults?  Will we be able to better integrate immigrants into the community while also ensuring the needs to longer term residents are respected?  What should we do to address concerns of homelessness, people with disabilities, affordable housing, or addictions?  What role should other partners (e.g. the Federal and Provincial Governments, community agencies) play in responding to Richmond's social issues?


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Let's Talk Social Planning

What do you think we should do to ensure that older adults are well informed about services available to them?

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The City of Richmond's Older Adults Service Plan aims at "Ensuring olders adults are well informed about the services available to them."  It is important that residents know about programs and services which can benefit them.  What are some of the ways that this information can be communicated to older adults?

by Richmond Administrator 14 Oct 2010, 4:15pm | 799 views